El Clasico, Barcelona, and Real Madrid jersey by Football Tribe Korea

by Mihyun Chung, Chief Editor of Football Tribe Korea

In 2013, I was living in Madrid, Spain; not for a long time, just for a half a year as part of my university exchange programme. And yes, I chose Madrid because of my love for Real Madrid.
My friend and I decided to go to Barcelona for El Clasico. We knew that it might not be possible to get tickets, but still wanted to feel the city during El Clasico. However, she isn't a football fan so doesn't know what it means to be wearing a Madrid jersey in Barcelona.
El Clasico day. We decided to have some Gaudi tour, so visited el Sagrada Familia, in a Madrid jersey. Then we also visited the Guel Park, in a Madrid jersey.
It wasn't the worst, I think people thought I was just a stupid female tourist who knew nothing about football. Some people kindly told me it is the wrong jersey in English.
We decided to go to a local pub. Thankfully, a bar owner supported Madrid! Well, he was safe, so would I be too, I thought.
Barca scored …

ASEAN Player Quota in Thai League by Football Tribe Thailand

by Jedsada Chanapinijwong, the deputy editor of Football Tribe Thailand

Hi, Tribe. It’s me, Jed from tribe Thai edition. Long time no see! 
We are gonna talk about Thai league this season to update how everything is going after we go near the half-way of the competition.
This season Thai league implemented a quota for ASEAN players so we can see many super stars in ASEAN coming to Thai league - everyone in these countries know players such as Aung Thu, Terens Puhiri, Kyaw Ko Ko or Mark Hartmann who have come to Thailand.
But some teams in Thai league think this quota is unnecessary for them. After Muangthong signed the contract with Baihakki Khaizan, they just sent him to Udon Thani in Thai league 3; Buriram terminated Hong Wu Samson's contract and sent him back to V league.
It looks like only Aung Thu is doing very well at Police Tero after netting 8 goals and make a lot of Myanmar fans come to the stadium to watch him play. His Burmese teammate Kyaw Ko Ko is having a difficult tim…

How It Started by Football Tribe Arabia

by Assi Alghazali, chief editor of Football Tribe Arabia

Do you remember when your love for football started? How? Why?

I do, playing in school and after school was not the reason, I think I did that because I was a very active child and wanted to move a lot! Haha
It started with the world cup 2002, I’ve always remembered the date of that day, 30th of June (no, I didn’t Google it haha!)
Came back home from school, sat in the living room and the game started, Germany VS Brazil.
Before that game, I watched the world cup games only because my elder brothers did, and I cheered for Germany and Argentina because my brothers did. But that game, started the love flame for football in me, I still smile when I see Oliver Kahn or Ballack or klose or Lahm or Schweinsteiger’s pictures, even though the last one’s name was very hard to say! Hehe
As you could notice, yes I cheered for Germany at that game, and cried after it.
I still feel sad when I see Ronaldo’s goal.
Anyway, what I started talking …

The Man Who Invited Me To The Football “Tribe” by Football Tribe Japan

by Ippei Tsuchiya, deputy editor of Football Tribe Japan

We, human beings, have some pivotal moments in our lives. And it often caused by someone who has extraordinary talent or fascinating personality or both of them.
In my case, it was 1998, I was seven years old and the year that Japan achieved two very important accomplishments in Japanese sports history. Firstly, Japan hosted Winter Olympic Games in February of that year, and Japanese Olympians won 10 medals in total. Winter sports are not so popular in my home town, but I prefer Winter Olympic Games more than Summer Olympic Games since then.
Secondly, Japanese football national team appeared in FIFA World Cup for the first time in Japanese football history. They lost all three group stage games, but they competed with Argentina, there were Gabriel Batistuta, Claudio Lopez and Juan Sebastian Veron, and Croatia, there were Davor Suker, Robert Prosinecki and Zvonimir Boban, bravery and the most importantly they gave me a chance to …

What Brought a Girl to the World of Football by Football Tribe Korea

by Mihyun Chung, Chief Editor of Football Tribe Korea

Last time I complained about how I am not treated as a serious football fan when I say I like football. Almost every single guy I've met made an assumption that I like football because of Cristiano Ronaldo, especially because I support Real Madrid.
Nope, not true. It was NOT because of Cristiano Ronaldo, and just to clarify, my favourite player has been Alvaro Arbeloa since 2009.
Having said that, however, I thought it would be still fun to tell you why I got to support Real Madrid, which I said in our webcomic: MAN UTD WON SO CAN I CLOCK OUT AT 5PM? 
*Previously I shared about our webcomic on this blog.

Feel the Passion #JOINTHETRIBE

The Color of Passion by Dan Orlowitz

by Dan Orlowitz, Head of Photography for Football Tribe

 One of the most fascinating things about football to me is the visual culture - the scenes, colors, and iconography that make it one of the most vivid sports in the world. Whether it's a picturesque stadium view, an iconic uniform, or a well-planned fan choreography, what happens around the pitch is often as beautiful as what happens in those 90 minutes between the first and last whistles.

 It was this color that first drew me to club football in 2007, when less than five months after moving to Japan I attended my first J.League match. It was something that I, an American used to baseball and American football, had never really experienced before.

 But I was immediately hooked, even though the day ended in a loss against eventual champions (and future three-peaters) Kashima Antlers.
 Eventually, after many seasons of shooting from the stands, I found my way onto the pitch shooting for several websites and publications.  And …

Football Tribe Academy – Start of Something Special by Football Tribe Vietnam

by Trung Nguyen, Chief Editor of Football Tribe Vietnam

Back in October, I met my old friend (now my leader) – Cesare Polenghi after a long time not being in touch. He told me he was creating a community for Asian football fans to come together and celebrate football in the most exciting ways via Football Tribe network. I was persuaded to “Join the Tribe” and contribute to the development of this community.

As part of our mission to develop this community, it is our goal to create chances for youngsters all across Asia to be able to work with football and to make a living with their passions. Football Tribe Academy was created. The project will give the society the value of knowledge. For the first time, young football faithful can learn about being football journalists with hands-on, real-life experiences for free. Lessons were drafted, plans were drawn, schedules were set, and we were expecting a small start for the First Class.

Beyond our expectations, the enrollment was a bang in …