What I Want to See from the International Week by Football Tribe Japan

by Ippei Tsuchiya, deputy editor of Football Tribe Japan

Next week is the international week. Japan travel to Europe and will face Mali and Ukraine to prepare the team to play against Senegal and Poland. Vahid Halilhodzic, current manager of Japanese national team, revealed roster for these two matches; Takashi Inui and Shinji Okazaki are not included.
Halilhodzic likes the style of pressing hard from opponents’ side of the pitch, and therefore he prefers a player who has great stamina and is willing to play as a part of the team. Both of Inui and Okazaki can play for the team. Inui is, arguably, the best Japanese footballer right now, Okazaki has experiences of having played last 2 world cup and has spent one of the best seasons since he joined Leicester City. So we should see them as safe candidates.
In my very personal opinion, Halilhodzic should believe in Gaku Shibasaki, he was called for these two matches. Former Kashima Antlers midfielder has adapted to La Liga, one of the toughes…

I Couldn’t Ask for More! by Football Tribe Arabia

by Assi Alghazali, chief editor of Football Tribe Thailand

When I think about football, I can’t help myself remembering when my love for the game started: running from home without doing my homework so I can play football with the kids from our neighbor in the empty, long, red-soiled fields!!
We didn’t go back home until the sun was completely gone and there was no way to see the ball!
With full of dust and maybe holes in our pants, going home was scary! (Moms like to yell in my country! lol)
But still, we would go play every day!
I started working here very lately! So I’m still very fresh (laugh)
I liked the name (Football Tribe) and I wanted to know more about it, after I started working with these amazing guys I couldn’t help myself noticing that it’s not a tribe, No, It’s a world!
A lot of people from around the world are connected together, talking discussing, laughing together every day to make the best content that you see on our websites!
Even though everyone has their own special opi…

"Taijin No Sato" by Football Tribe Thailand

by Jedsada Chanapinijwong, the deputy editor of Football Tribe Thailand

First I have to say arigatou gozaimasu to you all. Why I have to say "Thank you" in Japanese? Because nowadays, Thai football fans give and attention to Japanese fiitball! Yes I mean J League, the strongest league in Asia.
After Chanathip Songkrasin became the pioneer who landed in J League last season, this year Teerasil Dangda and Theerathon bunmathan also joined J League, which has made Thai fans more interesed in Japan football.
Theerathon Bunmathan with his new nickname “Boonjung” played for Vissel Kobe against Sagan Tosu but he started only on the bench. Then Takayuki Yoshida gave him a sign to be ready to step on the pitch with 15 minutes left and he showed his dynamics and confidence.
On Saturday, these Thai players faced each other as Sanferse Hiroshima of Teerasil Dangda play against Consadole sapporo of Chanathip Songkrasin. In Thailand, people in Bangkok will gather at Siam Square.
On 28 minu…

The Day Malaysian Boys Made History in China by Football Tribe Malaysia

by Keeshannan Sundaresan, Chief Editor of Football Tribe Malaysia

It was surreal.
One day before a massive, massive decider against Saudi Arabia, Malaysian U-23 boss, Datuk Ong Kim Swee universally declared his intention to attack their opponents and go for a win. Best part? His statement was in response to Vietnam’s 1-0 win over Australia, which was yielded through a complete smash and grab performance.
I clearly remember talking to a few friends and going: “Is he for real? Did he just say Vietnam’s win didn’t mean much because they were conservative on the pitch? Did he say that just one day before a cruncher against the mighty Saudis?”
Malaysian football’s battle with inferiority complex has been ongoing for the last two decades or so, which if there are any individuals who have stood up against it, it’s Datuk Ong Kim Swee. From his mind-blowing team talk at the the 2011 SEA Games to all the young talents that have been moulded under him, Ong has been revolutionary in Malaysian fo…

Birth of Football Web Comic by Football Tribe Korea

by Mihyun Chung, Chief Editor of Football Tribe Korea

 My first boss at my first full-time job was this man - this man who is smart, clever, and confident. He never likes yes man, so is always open to challenges. He always protects his staff and presents a very clear vision and direction. He has got all the attributes that any boss would need.
 Except that he supports Manchester United.
 He is a big Man Utd fan. I still remember him saying "I'm very upset now because that Van Gaal sold Chicharito." It was very clear United was THE TEAM. So when asked which team I supported in Premiership, I did say "Glory Glory Manchester United," while Man Utd is the only team that I hate in England.
 Not long after did I figure out he is more than happy with challenges. So I confessed that I do not support United.
 Ever since then, every day at work was fun. He loves sarcastic jokes; and he absolutely adores football banter or even trash talks. That is exactly how I enjoy foo…

The 2018 AFC U-23 – the Tournament of BELIEF by Football Tribe Vietnam

by Trung Nguyen, Chief Editor of Football Tribe Vietnam

Miracle rarely happens.

In the beginning of 2018, we experienced it several times. Since the moment the ball flew off from that left foot of U-23 Vietnam’s Quang Hai and made a miraculous curve into U-23 Korea’s net, a fire of belief was lit up.

Unfortunately defeated in the first match of the group stage, Coach Park Hang Seo’s boys created another incredible performance, which resulted in a win against the champion contender Australia; and back it up with a hard-fought draw against Syria. Going to the tournament with the target of 1 point during the group stage, surpassing everyone’s prediction, the young men are through to the quarter-final.

Against Iraq, many thought “this is as far as they can go; Vietnam will be crushed”. As I’m writing this, I still got goose-bump remembering Van Duc ’s equalizer in the extra-time and the heroic penalty shoot-out performance of GK Bui Tien Dung. That night, the country was not sleeping. Fla…

Thailand and Vietnam Trip, by Davide Ucchedu

by Davide Ucchedu, Financial Manager of Football Tribe

 On 1st February 2017, Football Tribe was born. It has been a wonderful year; so difficult, but yet so wonderful.

 I still remember my first trip to Vietnam and Thailand before Football Tribe started.

 I left Italia to Japan when I was around 24. I had never visited other countries except for Japan.

 And then we decided to launch Football Tribe and my life changed so fast.

 Vietnam was my first destination. When I landed in Hanoi, the first thing I saw on the street was a little bike carrying a big orange tree. Soon after, I realised all people on the street were carrying something incredibly big, such trees or furniture.

 Then I thought, 'I have to travel more; I want to see different cultures. And I WANT TO WATCH A FOOTBALL MATCH HERE.'

 My friend working with us introduced Hanoi FC to me. That friend gave me a Hanoi FC shirt as a gift though; I should go root for them some time. However, there was no match scheduled dur…